#3. Mani Peninsula

Limeni, Mani

Mani is the Peloponnese’s middle peninsula, also known as Morea. This fantastic place is a treasure trove of ancient and Byzantine ruins, Frankish castles and tower houses and some stunning scenery. The remote and mountainous ruggedness of this area, combined with the historically independent nature of its inhabitants, has led to the forming of a distinct society, that branded its mark on the landscape over the centuries. To this day the architecture of the area is fabled for the tower houses and fortified family dwellings from the period of the Ottoman occupation of Greece. It’s landscape, mountainous and arid, apparently brings Scotland’s Highlands in mind, save for the temperatures of course.

Vathia, Mani

#4. Crete


Crete is a mythical puzzle of splendid beaches, ancient palaces, and jaw-dropping landscapes. Travel to its vibrant cities and dreamy villages, where locals share their traditions, wonderful cuisine, and generous spirit. The more you travel Crete’s seashores and explore its mountain villages, the more you’ll see how proud and true Cretans are to their ways of life. Crete offers luxury on pink-sand beaches, inland hiking to mountain-rimmed gorges and quiet villages and locals happy to jaw with a foreign visitor. Crete feels huge. Is that its soul or its landscape? We think both.