#5. Rhodes Island

Amongst Greek students’ most popular attraction, Rhodes Island is truly an amazing place. Besides the unbelievable climate (300 sunshine days a year) and the balmy Aegean Sea lapping numerous beaches, you will be amazed by the weight of history and culture here. An island branded by its medieval history, Rhodes has a lot more to offer than just sea and sand and visiting it will surely give you something extra to remember for life.

Acropolis of Lindos, Rhodes

#6. Chios Island

Mesta Village – Chios

If Greece truly has a magical island, Chios is that one. A unique combination of sea, mountain and valley terrains, adorned with brilliant medieval villages and fantastic beaches. Chios is worldwide famous for the production of mastic, a teardrop-shaped aromatic resin with medicinal and culinary uses. It’s also a wonder on how nature managed to squeeze such a diverse landscape in such a small place!

Mavra volia, Chios