#2. Tour around the picturesque villages

The central settlement of Milos is named Plaka, an adorable town nestled 220 meters above sea level, and built into a mountainside. From there you can enjoy the breathtaking sunset at the top of the mountain, by the medieval castle and the church of Panagia Thallasitra. It is this particular sunset, which gave the nickname “Island of Lovers” to Milos.

Strolling through the paved streets of Plaka, you can’t help but feel the warmth of the town’s people, as you watch them speak through their windows to one another from their tightly built homes. The sound of local music is always there to keep you company, as you walk your way up to the old castle, the “Kastro,” and church, to see the sunset. The center of Plaka is brimming with lovely restaurants, tavernas, cafés, and bars.

Pollonia is another ancient town that used to be named Apollonia, after the ancient Greek god of the sun, Apollo. This fishing village on the north-western tip of the island is truly enchanting with many restaurants, cafés, and stores.

Only on Milos and it’s little sister, Kimolos, will you encounter the quaint small colorful houses by the sea, called “sýrmata”. Fishers used them as a shelter for their boats in winter.

Another Milos highlight is the archetypical white-washed Chóra, peppered with beautiful churches, such as Panayiá Korfiátissa and the Catholic Church.

Adamantas, Milos
Adamantas, Milos

Adámantas, built like an amphitheater overlooking the Aegean, is the second biggest natural harbor in Greece and the most famous for its frenetic nightlife.