Athens, the city of legends and the cradle of Western Civilization,  is a place to immerse yourself in ancient history and explore the past.

But sometimes the city’s hustle and bustle make you long for quieter horizons. Here is our selection of the best weekend escapes from Athens where you can still enjoy that perfect combination of ancient history, exquisite cuisine and beautiful scenery that makes the city such a draw for visitors from all over the world.



Nafplio, once Greece’s capital before it became Athens, is a charming coastal town in the Argolic Gulf. The Old Town of Nafplio has remained the same for over a century and is blessed with natural beauty and infused with an enchanting, almost romantic atmosphere.

Mpourtzi view from Nafplio port

Take a stroll around the Old Town to see the well-preserved neoclassical mansions with Venetian balconies, its Syntagma Square, Agios Giorgos church and of course the iconic Bourtzi, the Palamidi fortress, and the Nafplio ancient Acropolis.

It is obvious that Nafplio has too many sights worth seeing. Probably too many to be seen in one visit. So you will probably come again and again. Even better, stay overnight and also visit Mycenae on your way back to Athens. As the birthplace of ancient Mycenaean civilization, you can see remnants of palaces, ramparts and even the Tomb of Agamemnon.